Chongqing Werlchem Fine Chemical Co. Ltd.
Name:Chongqing Werlchem Fine Chemical Co. Ltd.
About Us
Werlchem is a high technology chemical company dedicated to Research & Development, Products & Services for fine chemicals. We offer a broad range of products serving global pharmaceutical industry and material industry. Moreover, we provide rapid and reliable seamless custom synthesis, contract manufacture and process Research & Development for customers, the quantity may vary from grams to tons. WERLCHEM operates a manufacturing plant and a modern R & D center including a research group composed of PhDs and professors, and a technical advisor group composed of many famous scholars and experts. Besides, WERLCHEM has established intimate cooperation with some well-known institutes and universities, e.g. Sichuan Univ. etc. The majority of our management team and core R&D members ha..
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